Unikrn Sportsbook Review 2024 - Leader In Sports Betting

Bonus up to €60

The idea of betting on virtual events is becoming all the more realistic each day and Unikrn is one of those platforms making this come true. This revolutionary eSports betting site allows players and bettors alike to play their favorite eSports and have the chance to stake bets on the same. This post will look at this new frontier in depth.

Unikrn - eSports Betting

As online gaming continues to grow, the need to provide gamers with exceptional gaming experiences grows as well. Unikrn was born out of the need to fulfill this. This platform came about in 2015 and started primarily as a site where online gamers could access popular video games on the internet. Slowly, it transformed into an exclusive betting site that allows members to stake bets on eSports events.

The site differentiates itself from regular betting sites and casinos by putting a focus on the use of virtual currency. Gambling using real money is only permissible in four countries around the world; UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia. Gamers from other countries cannot fund their accounts with real money. However, each player can accumulate Unikoins, which are the virtual currency on the network. Players can then use these virtual coins to redeem Amazon gift cards or participate in other events on the platform.


The Most Popular ESports Games

This platform boasts of a wide variety of some of the most popular eSports events that gamers can play online. Some of the play options available on the site include the following.

  • FIFA
  • Unikrn CSGO
  • League of Legends

Types Of Bets

ESports online betting is the most thrilling aspect of this platform. While many players will love to play on the site, the idea of using their gaming skills and getting rewards in return makes it worth the time. However, players and bettors cannot place stakes on all types of events. The platform allows bettors to place their stakes on the following types of bets.

Dota 2 Betting

Among the most favorite of any person, that loves the idea of eSports betting. In Dota 2 betting, players target to make the right prediction on the ranked win once the game comes to completion. For bets to count, the particular event must start within 20 minutes of a gamer placing his or her bet. Additionally, the event must also last at least 20 minutes for the bet to be valid.


The craze about Fortnite continues to spread globally. This bookmaker allows gamers to bet on this event by making it a part of the eSports betting catalog. The key for the gamer when it comes to this particular event is to predict the solo top 10 placement or the solo 1st place win. Each event must last at least 15 minutes and must start within 10 minutes of placing the bet.


Unikrn betting becomes even more fun with the inclusion of LoL on its betting catalog. The bookmaker allows the bettors to predict the ranked win on the final result of the event. For bets to go through, the event must start within 20 minutes of the gamer placing the bet. Additionally, an event must last at least 20 minutes.


Other Popular Sports To Bet On

eSports betting also extends to other events available on the platform as well. Some of the other top events that a player can stake bets on include.


This particular event equates to the sportsbook version of this bookmaker’s catalog. In this match, the player stakes on who will be the winner of a match. Additionally, just as with a live football match, bettors can stake their bets on other events that occur during the play. Fans of this football simulation match also have the chance of playing it on the platform as well.

Call of Duty

Almost similar to the CSGO betting available on this platform, Call of Duty is a first shooter event variety in which the bettor bets on the main character to complete a particular mission. Previously, this event was popular with many people on gaming consoles but Unikrn is making it available online for everyone.

It is good for participants to note that all the bets that they place on particular events can only be valid if an event starts within the specified time. Additionally, the event in question needs to last for a specific amount of time.

Unikrn Bonuses & Promotions

Unikrn Bonuses & Promotions

Because Unikrn does not allow cash betting in all locations that gamers can access it from, the bonuses and promotions are not very pronounced. However, for gaming enthusiasts in the four countries that the platform allows the use of money, there is a welcome bonus. The platform will match an account holder’s deposit 100% up to $60. The recipient will then have to place single £5 bets on events averaging 1.50 odds and utilize the whole amount as a wagering requirement.

Gamers in regions where cash betting on Unikrn eSports is not available can get virtual coins by playing daily challenges, playing any of the designated games; Dota2, Rocket League, League of Legends, or CSGO. There are also coin rewards for completing the tutorial.

Unikrn App

Unikrn eSports betting goes a step ahead in ensuring that all gamers can participate in events conveniently. One way in which they do this is by availing a mobile app. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app is easy to navigate and categorizes all events well. Gamers can place bets on this app and even play some of the matches on the app as well. The news section of the app keeps all gaming enthusiasts informed on what is happening in the industry. Additionally, a fan can check on the results of previous events on the app as well.


Payment Methods

For gamers in countries where Unikrn does not support playing with real cash, the only way to cash out the points they receive is through Amazon gift cards and playing time on other games. For countries where cash gaming takes place, however, a winner can only fund or cash out via a VISA or MasterCard card. The cashouts take anywhere between a day and three days.

Customer Support

Unikrn commits to offering excellent customer service to gamers in three ways. Gamers can use the live chat option although this is only available for participants in countries that allow real cash gaming. Customer support also is available via email. Lastly, account holders can check out a detailed FAQ page.

So Is It Worth Placing Your Bets At Unikrn

Unikrn is a revolutionary gaming platform. For fans of eSports, this platform offers an alternate way of enjoying such events. If looking to win cash rewards, however, this site is not advisable because of limited cash use in most countries. The platform is suitable for ardent video game enthusiasts who would love to put their skills on display. The site also allows gamers to compete with each other from various parts of the world. The site is worth it, however, for gamers who would not mind winning free Amazon gift cards occasionally.


❓ Is there a Unikrn eSports Betting App?

Gaming on this platform is convenient through a mobile app that runs on iOS and Android as well. The app is reliable and easy to navigate for easy gaming.

? Can I bet on eSports on my phone?

Yes. Gamers who would like to place their bets via phone can access the platform via its dedicated mobile app. Alternatively, the main site is accessible via a browser.

? Is Unikrn a scam?

Unikrn has a license from the UK Gambling Commission as well as additional certificates from the Isle of Man thus making it a legit platform.