Over-Under Betting - A Guide on How to Play This Bet

Over-Under Betting - A Guide on How to Play This Bet

When it comes to online sports betting, the most common bet played is the over-under, or also called Match Winner and Moneyline. Its popularity among all types of punters is understandable. To play this type of bet, you simply pick a player or team to win the match. If your pick is correct, you get a payout based on the published odds and actual wager. It’s simple, offers a great payout, and comes with easy-to-understand rules.

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Although it’s fun to play, keep in mind that there are other worthy bets to play online. If you’re willing to mix it up and try other markets, consider the over-under bet. This may sound like a complicated betting option but by understanding the over-under meaning, you’ll fully appreciate its features and potential payouts.

Making Sense of the Over/Under Bet in Online Sportsbooks

You will easily notice the over-under bet in most betting sites for Indian punters. It’s also called a totals bet where the total refers to the combined scores of both teams. The total or combined scores or goals of the teams are decided by the sportsbook before the start of the match. This number is the reflection of how the bookmaker sees the match will unfold based on scores or the potential number of goals that can be collected. Your task as the punter is to decide whether the actual total by the sportsbook will fall over or under the set number.

over-under betting

Here’s How the Over-Under Bet Works

In over-under betting, you will bet if the total score or goals will fall over or under the set number offered by the bookmaker. Let’s take a hypothetical over under betting in basketball with the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat as the two teams playing in the game. The bookmaker will set a total of 120.5 points.

As a bettor, you need to predict where the total number of points scored by both teams will go over or under this number. If you bet over and the combined total is 130 points, then you win your bet. However, you will lose the wager if the actual total after the game stands at 118 points.

A Few Rules in Over-Under Betting

Although the over-under bet seems straightforward, there are a few terms and rules that you still need to cover. The common practice in sports betting including over under in football is to end the numbers in half-point, for example under 2.5 goals or over 2.5 goals.

There are also instances when the bookmaker will set it at a whole number, like 3.00 or 120.00. If this is the case, then there’s a chance that the total number of points or goals will equal the set number by the bookmaker. This is called a ‘push’ in online sports betting and it happens when the actual and predicted number match. Keep in mind that the over-under bet will also work in case the match goes into overtime or regulation. This is just like any other bets where the focus is on the final score.

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This type of bet is playable in different sports and events. If you’re a fan of several sports, then the over-under bet can serve as a regular option when betting online. For example, you can use the over-under bet in soccer. In many sportsbooks, you will notice that the operators will publish the 2.5 mark which is the reason the over under 2.5 strategy is popular among many punters. Since soccer is a low-scoring game, you can also bet on over 1.5 goals or under 1.5 goals. If you’re planning to master this type of bet, then you can’t go wrong with the over under betting.

Aside from over under in football or soccer, you can also play the bet on other popular sports like cricket, basketball, and American Football. In making a successful over-under bet, make sure you take into account several factors that may influence the actual scores or results. For example, you may need to consider the ground, playing style, weather condition, and the health of players.


? What is over-under betting and how does it work?

The over/under bet is a popular sport bet to play in many sports like basketball and soccer. In an over under example, you are betting whether the actual number of points or goals will go over or under the number set by the bookmaker.

⚽ What does it mean when you bet on over 1.5 goals to be scored?

If you put your money on over 1.5 goals to be scored, this means that there should be at least 2 goals scored in the game. The addition of the 0.5 simply removes the possibility of a tie.

❓ Where can I play the over-under bet?

This type of bet is a popular offering in many online sportsbooks that accept real money bets from players based in India. Check out our list of betting sites to start betting on sports.