Online Cricket Betting in India - Detailed Guide

Around the globe, India provides one of the biggest markets in online cricket betting. Currently, their cricket league is dominant. With a considerable percentage of Indians playing professional cricket. Their dedication to the game is outstanding, and that is why there are various online cricket betting sites in the country. The country toppled the pioneers of cricket to become the world’s cricket champions in 1983. With technological advancement, Indians are currently able to watch matches and place bets online.

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The popularity of Cricket in India

online cricket betting

   Cricket is prevalent in India with more fans than any other sport in the nation. Their interest in the game became apparent in the 1700s when the British introduced it to the locals. The first match took place in 1721, and since then, the game remains to be an integral part of the country. Their love for cricket has seen the creation of more than 20 fierce inter-nation cricket teams, each with fans countrywide.

Online Cricket Betting

A massive number of people in India take part in online cricket betting, which involves real money. It is a way of showing their support to the game as well as trying their luck. Technology has led to an increased number of real money online betting sites, which provides various betting options to punters. The good news is that cricket matches take place nearly every day. That means players have a chance to place bets on the sport more often. The online cricket betting market continues to remain lucrative. There is always a spike in bets placed whenever two fierce competitors meet. That is usually during the IPL finals.

The competitiveness of the game in the country makes it hard for gamblers to make accurate predictions. That is why most people rely on online cricket betting tips and strategies for them to wager wisely and win real money. Even though betting is a game of luck, Indians usually take their time to analyze the cricket matches. That is by checking the statistics of the teams playing to see which one is likely to lose or win. The IPL usually leads to an increase in cricket betting activities in India. That is because the league has millions of fans across the nation, each with their favorite team.

Cricket odds usually vary depending on the teams playing as well as the online cricket betting site. Each site tends to have its cricket betting odds. While some sites generally have low odds, others tend to offer generous odds to gamblers. It is thus vital to go through the sites before settling on one. That is because the higher the odds, the higher the payout in case of an accurate prediction. Some of the things to look at when betting on cricket are:

Cricket Bets

Just like any other sport, cricket bets tend to cover a wide area. When betting on cricket, players need to have a look at every possible outcome. That is why they have to understand the bet types available. The most popular type of bet is the cricket match bet. This is the type of online cricket betting that requires bettors to determine the team likely to win the match. The wagering can be tricky depending on the teams playing, and that is why it needs proper scrutiny. Other types of bets players are going to find when placing online cricket bets include:

  • Win toss
  • Top bowler
  • Match scores
  • Even/odd scores
  • Team innings run

It is also vital that players gather general knowledge before they go ahead to bet on cricket. That will enable them to make proper decisions. Sometimes, instead of making usual bets, one can do a six-overs type of online cricket betting. That is the type of bet that determines the number of runs a team can score within a specific period. These kinds of wagers are usually easy to predict.

online cricket betting

When wagering, also consider the types of odds. The sport tends to have different odds depending on the site. Remember, the odds a player gets always determines the payout. It is thus vital for cricket enthusiasts to consider sites that offer favorable odds on the sport. Most Indians know this, and that is why they are always going for in-play odds. Every step a bettor takes should be towards increasing the chances of predicting correctly and winning real money. It is why cricket wagers matter a lot whenever it comes to online cricket.

Indian Cricket Betting Markets

The betting markets in India are diverse. That is because the country has plenty of leagues with multiple matches daily. Whenever the IPL starts, the local betting market usually thrives. Apart from that, there are also other leagues available in India including:

  • Indian Cricket League
  • Ranji Trophy

The combination of these leagues brings about plenty of matches, all of which allow online cricket betting. It is, however, essential to note that the India premier league offers the most significant betting market in India. That is because it usually involves some of the best cricket teams in the country which makes online cricket betting exciting and entertaining. Punters also get to have an incredible time analysing the numerous teams so that they can make accurate bets.

Online markets also offer an easier way to access sports statistics. Indians tend to cover local games extensively, and so the local markets provide punters with plenty of cricket betting information. It is this data that gamblers require to make some of the best predictions in the sports. The local markets also cover a significant section of the online sports in bookmaking sites. Many games in Indian bookmakers include nearly every local competition that is significant. Indian punters can thus easily access the matches they wish to gamble on in the sports.

International Cricket Betting Markets

It is also not a surprise that the international cricket betting market is doing well in India. That is because the nation has significant cricket fanatics who bet on international games. Some of the international sports leagues that Indians bet include:

  • Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • Champions League T20

These leagues involve superior teams across the world, making their match series enjoyable. The international market tends to attract various spectators and bettors across the globe. It is through international games that India became the world cricket champions in 1985 after playing against Pakistan.

cricket betting strategy

Indians usually bet on these matches in a bid to try and land huge winnings. International betting markets on these sports are, however, hard to analyze, given that the teams’ information is not always readily available. That is why most players in India usually bet for teams whose information is available online. It shows that the online cricket betting markets in India are diverse, thus making online cricket fantastic.

Betting Strategy for Cricket

Like any other sport, online cricket requires gamblers to have cricket betting tips and strategies. That is to prevent them from making unnecessary losses. With fantastic betting strategies and great analysis, it becomes possible to come up with accurate predictions. The first thing any gambler should do is to study the online betting sites carefully. That is to see which one offers the best cricket betting odds. Players should then analyze the types of bets available so that they can make sure they have multiple betting options. That allows them to make any kind of bet they wish to place. Other remarkable online cricket betting strategies include:

Players should focus on in-play bets

In-play betting is easier if the player is great at doing match series analysis and research. That is because one can predict the correct outcome from the analysis. It is, however, important that emotions don’t affect the whole online cricket betting process.

Punters should always analyze the team’s form

Another strategy to use when betting on cricket is to wager, according to the team’s form. That is because a team that is in great shape is likely to beat its opponent. One of the things to look at to determine the form of a team is the number of injuries. Punters can also have a look at the team’s performance in the previous games.

Bettors should do more local betting

As stated above, international betting markets are hard to analyze. That is because their coverage by local news outlets is usually minimal. It thus becomes hard for gamblers to come up with the statistics they need. Local cricket betting markets, on the other hand, receive plenty of coverage. Making it easy to come up with vital statistics that can help them make correct predictions.

Analyze the form of the player

When doing local betting on the sport, punters must analyze the form of every cricket player. That is because the state he is in will determine how they’re going to play. In most cases, the information is vital when betting for the top bowler and the top pitcher. These two are in-play bets that online betting sites offer.

Top Online Betting Sites for Cricket

cricket betting apps

Gamblers should expect plenty of online betting sites in India. That is because operators have come up with different websites to help Indians access and wager on different match series. Each bookmaker comes with distinct features that make them unique from the rest. To make them more appealing, online betting sites make use of stunning interfaces and fantastic themes. They also come up with various controls that ease navigation throughout the site.

It is thus the gambler’s task to decide which of the available online betting sites is suitable for betting. Most professional Indian punters have their favorite betting sites. The problem comes to amateur bettors. Amateur Indian bettors are yet to know how to analyze sites where they can wager real money. That is why it is essential to know which site is perfect for wagering different games in the sport.

Before making that choice, it is vital to have a look at the various inclusions made in each site. For instance, gamblers can have a look at the payment methods. That includes the available varieties, as well as, the time it takes to make deposits and initiate withdrawals. Punters should also look at the bonuses they offer to new signees and promotions for the existing bettors. Only consider sites with generous offers that come with minimum conditions.

Lastly, it is vital to have a look at the site’s odds. That is because odds will determine how much a player wins in case he or she ends up making the right bet. All the above information makes it easy for online gamblers to end up with an excellent online cricket gambling site. Some of the best online betting sites available India include:


Professional and amateur gamblers find bet365 to be a fantastic platform to wager on different online cricket games. That is because the platform is simple and easy to use. It also has excellent cricket betting odds that are appealing to punters. Another great feature is that they allow gamblers to stream online cricket live.

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Online punters who want a secure site with incredible odds should opt for Dafabet. The site provides players with an interface where they can stake on different online cricket games. That is because they offer a wide variety of match series. Their platform is also alluring due to the top-notch graphics used.

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There is no doubt that 1xbet is among the most widely utilized online betting sites in India. The whole platform is engaging with a fantastic interface. They offer remarkable odds with a variety of leagues for anyone who wants to participate in local and international betting. For years 1xbet has been providing Indians with an excellent site for betting.

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One of the most appealing features about 10cric is its fast and interactive platform. The site is famous for its responsive nature and fantastic dark theme. It also features a variety of online cricket games that Indians get to bet. In case of any inquiry, the platform has some of the best customer service representatives.

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Royal Panda

Royal Panda is gradually becoming one of the popular sites in India. The bookmarker is famous for its generous bonuses and plenty of promotions. They also cover a wide variety of match series and leagues. Their online cricket list is comprehensive, and so players have plenty of choices at their disposal.

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Bonuses and Promotions for Cricket

Every bookmaker offers bonuses and promotions to online cricket gamblers. This is in a bid to lure new signees and keep existing online cricket members excited. The welcome bonus usually comes in the form of cash offers. Some sites will offer a bonus to new signees only after they make the initial deposit. That usually comes in the form of a 100% cash bonus on deposits not exceeding specific amounts. Other sites will, however, offer a welcome bonus without necessarily requiring a player to make any deposit.

The bonus online cricket players get comes with conditions. These are what operators refer to the wagering requirement. The terms are going to state what the bettor has to do to withdraw the welcome bonus. In most cases, the online cricket gambler has to stake the welcome bonus for a specific number of times. That is before he or she can withdraw the winnings resulting from the welcome bonus. When it comes to cricket promotions, they tend to pop up randomly.

Online cricket gamblers should thus remain active in the site for them not to miss the cricket promotions. The above information indicates that cricket bettors have to go through the wagering requirements carefully. That is before settling for a specific bonus. It is the only way to know if one has enough bankroll to fulfill the wager.

Punters should also note that the bonuses, for example, the welcome bonus usually last for a specific period only. Once that time elapses, and one is yet to claim the bonus, it becomes void. The timing starts as soon as the player initiates the first deposit. Also, remember that players can stake on a cricket match or match series games with the bonus.

Cricket Betting Apps Bet on the Go

Online cricket is rapidly advancing. Operators are coming up with ways in which players can stake on a cricket match with real money while on the go. That is by introducing mobile cricket betting sites. This is where online cricket enthusiasts get to enjoy wagering on cricket using their mobile phones. The method makes it easy to bet on cricket sports regardless of the gambler’s location.

That means using the desktop version is not the only way to access the betting sites and place bets on cricket. The good news is that mobile sites come with everything available on the desktop version. That includes a wide variety of cricket sports as well as numerous payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

Some sites have gone a step further and come up with cricket betting apps. The difference between a mobile website and an online cricket betting app is that the app is downloadable. That means the punters can access the online cricket platform without loading it on a browser. For optimum betting experience, gamblers should, however, go for the best cricket betting app.

The apps allow players to bet with real money because they come with deposit options. The whole mobile interface is transforming how people are enjoying the sport as well as the methods of betting. It comes with similar cricket betting odds as those of the mobile and desktop sites. The only change is how and where gamblers get to access cricket bet options.

Among the things to look at when searching for the best online cricket app are the interface and speed. The mobile app has to be simple with fast loading capabilities. That is to shorten the time it takes to go through the cricket betting odds. It should also have fast deposit and withdrawal methods as well as match series statistics.


Cricket is a remarkable sport that Indians follow closely. They understand the sport better, and that is why it has a massive following in India. Due to their love for the sport, Indians host plenty of cricket games throughout the year. Their IPL league consists of some of the best teams in the world with professional and skillful cricket players. They are usually the fiercest rivals of countries like England, Australia, and New Zealand.

That has seen the advancement of online betting in the country. Indians spend significant sums of rupees staking on the sport. Not only do they take part in local cricket but also international cricket. Operators, on the other hand, are introducing mobile betting. That makes it easy for cricket enthusiasts to bet with real money. Online betting with real money in India is becoming famous, with many people taking part in the activity.


? Is there a Cricket Welcome Bonus?

Yes, there is a cricket welcome bonus. Given that betting in India is legal, operators tend to use welcome bonuses to attract new signees. Gamblers should thus look at different sites before settling on one.

❓ Are Indian Rupees Accepted By Bookmakers?

Yes, Indian Rupees are accepted by bookmakers. There are various bookies offering rupees as a form of currency in their platforms. That is in a bid to attract online cricket enthusiasts.

? Is Betting On Cricket Profitable?

Yes, betting on cricket is very profitable. Cricket is one of the popular sports in the world. Whenever there is a big match, gamblers usually wager millions of shillings. Leagues such as IPL tend to attract a significant number of punters. Making betting on cricket lucrative.

? Can I Legally Bet On Cricket?

Yes, online gamblers can bet legally on cricket using various sites. Being one of the biggest sports in India, operators are providing legal betting services to the Indian population. They are also ensuring multiple betting types as well as distinct odds to choose from.

⭐ What Type Of Cricket Bet Attracts The Best Odds?

In-play cricket odds usually attract the best odds. These are odds that tend to involve a specific team. They may include the best pitcher, the best bowler as well as the number of runs a team will make. Such types of sports wagers tend to have significant offs that are attractive to gamers. They, however, require intensive analysis.