Live Cricket Betting - Learn How to Bet and Enjoy In-Play Betting

Live Cricket Betting - Learn How to Bet and Enjoy In-Play Betting

Cricket is India’s most popular sport and has been part of its long and colorful history. Introduced during the British rule, this game has become part of the country’s culture and a source of national pride too. The sport’s popularity now extends to betting sites. Thanks to its popularity, fans and cricket enthusiasts can bet on results while supporting the teams. One exciting way to bet is through live cricket betting. Available in most Indian sportsbooks, live cricket betting allows you to place your bets while the match is ongoing.

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What Makes In-Play Betting Different?

There are two general approaches on how to complete your bets. One, you can place it before the match starts. And two, you can submit or even change your bets while the match is ongoing. The latter is called in-play betting, a popular option available today for Indian punters. This was initially offered by top-tier bookies like Betfair but it soon became a standard offering in the industry. Compared to pre-match betting where the odds are already fixed and bets should be in before the match starts, live cricket betting offers a more exciting way to play.

In live cricket betting, you can submit your wager anytime provided that the match is not yet settled. Also, you will find cricket betting odds live which means that the odds for betting lines may change in real-time depending on how the football match unfolds. Furthermore, you may also find specialty bets in live cricket betting on top of the usual bets you play for pre-match.

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Cricket Betting Odds

To fully maximize the live cricket betting experience, you need to check out how the betting odds work. Just like in other sports like football and tennis, the live cricket odds provide you with an opportunity to find value bets. Let’s take a hypothetical example, with Mumbai Indians playing against Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Indians are at odds of 1.67 to win the game. So, what does this number tells us about IPL live betting and live cricket betting in general?

In the cricket betting line, the odds represent the likelihood that an event will happen. It’s an implied probability that can help you decide which bets to take in live cricket betting. Using our example, the Mumbai Indians are at odds of 1.67 to win the game. This only means that this ‘number’ only reflects the operator’s assessment of the team’s chances of winning the match.

To compute for the implied probability, just use this formula: 1/decimal odds. Going back to our example, it seems that Mumbai Indians have a 59.88% chance of winning the match. Use can also use the odds in your online match satta bet to compute for your payout and profit. If you bet INR 1,000, your payout will be INR 1,670.00 provided your bet is correct. This translates to a profit of INR 670.00. It’s safe to say that in other Indian bookies, the odds may be different. So it’s always important that you review and compare the betting odds before you place your bets in live cricket betting.

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Cricket Betting Types

There are different ways to bet on cricket. And if you’re a beginner, the wide array of betting options for pre-match and live cricket betting can be fun yet stressful. But don’t let the size and diversity of the betting markets in cricket stop you from fully realizing its full potential. Described below are the most popular bets to play in cricket.

Match outcome/series winner

This is a popular pre-match bet on cricket where you put your money on the team that will win the match or the series. In limited over matches for cricket, you have two options- that either team can win. But if you bet on cricket match online for test matches, you are provided with a third option- for a draw. When betting on test matches, try to avoid a cricket satta live bet on a draw. Although its an option, a draw is often rare in test matches due to increasing run rates.

Leading Runscorer and wicket-taker

On both the match and the series betting outcomes, you can also put your money on the leading run scorers and wicket-takers in each innings or match. You can also play this in live cricket betting by betting on the player that can score first.

Man of the match

In many sports, the best performing player is selected at the end of the match. The same is true with cricket, and a ‘man of the match’ is selected for the match. You can also place this type of bet and collect a lucrative payout. However, you should know the different players, their skills, and anticipate their performance on the field to make a lucrative wager.

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Live Cricket Betting Strategies to Use

To be successful in betting, you must follow a few tips and strategies. Knowing the sport and its rules is not enough, learning how to predict the outcomes and betting responsibly requires commitment and a set of strategies. Described below are some of the tips you can use when enjoying live cricket online betting.

Research the likely conditions

Compared to other sports, you need to factor in the weather when looking at the live cricket satta rates. Cricket is played outdoors, and rain or windy conditions can have an impact on the outcome of the match. For example, if the weather bureau tells us that rain is expected on a Test match, there’s a big chance that a draw is possible since the match may be shortened.

Check the form of players and their teams

Pay attention to the recent form and performances of the players and their teams. What are the previous results of the players? Does a player perform best in this particular field or against a particular player or team? You should also consider the form and recent results of the team. Is the cricket team on a winning streak? Or the team is coming from a huge loss? Answering these questions can help you calibrate your live cricket satta bets.

Use the match prediction tips and expert analysis

Just like in other games, you will also find armchair experts that specialize in live cricket betting rates and matches. They often write for newspapers or publish their websites and blogs to write their analysis and expert insights on the best teams and players who will perform best. You may want to check out their satta cricket live tips and match predictions when betting online.

Use live streaming tools, stat, and score tracker

Live cricket betting is different from pre-match betting since wagers can be played when the match is in play. Also, the live cricket satta rates and odds change in real-time. For you to fully enjoy the betting odds and make appropriate bets as these numbers change, you should be actively tracking the progress of the match.

You can do this by using tools and resources like live streaming, Stat page, and the score tracker that are available on most sportsbooks. For example, the Bet365 cricket live streaming allows you to track the game’s progress even if you’re at home or traveling. To use this facility, you need to log in to your Bet365 live cricket account and make a wager. Often, these resources are only available for registered players of the sportsbooks.

Choose the right sportsbook where you can bet on sports

This is the most important tip that you shouldn’t miss when participating in live cricket betting. Always compare the services and offers of at least 3 sportsbooks before deciding on a site. Make sure that the site is licensed and registered and accepts real money bets from punters based in India.

The site should also accept Indian Rupees as one of its preferred currencies for convenience. Finally, always consider the availability of promising bonuses and promotions like free bets for IPL live betting or pre-match betting. Live bets allow you to bet on your favorite teams without using your bankroll.


? What makes live cricket betting different from pre-match betting?

Compared to pre-match betting, IPL live betting allows you to place your wagers even when the cricket match is ongoing. Also, the betting odds and rates in live cricket betting change in real-time which can be used by punters to make bets online.

? What are the most popular types of wagers I can use in live cricket betting?

Live cricket betting offers you several types of bets. Some of the exciting bets to play are the match or series winner, the man of the match, and the leading run-scorer and wicket-taker.

? How can I start betting and where can I place my live cricket bets?

You need to register first an account in one of the licensed betting sites for Indian punter. Once your account is up, you can top it up and enjoy live cricket betting. You can also check our list of recommended sites. We review the best sites for Indian punters like Bet365 live cricket.