Live Betting - A Detailed Guide for Punters From India

What is Live Betting?

Live betting or in-play betting allows punters to place their bets after the game has started. Depending on the game, the betting odds or wagers are provided between quarters or periods and are normally higher than the odds generated before the game begins. In other instances, they are generated after every play or drive.

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The bettors can boast of the advantage of betting while the game is ongoing and increasing their winning chances. With most sportsbooks in India embracing live bets, you realize that it is increasingly becoming a popular betting option. Assessing the live bet types, one needs to understand that the game’s frequency depends on the technological capabilities provided by your sportsbook.

Most of these capabilities involve a careful assessment of how the game or match is playing. The computer algorithms of the sportsbook regularly update the information on the betting site for punters to bet. If a football match is on and a punter has placed their initial bet on team A, and after kick-off, Team B take the lead, one can place a live bet on team B and increase their winning chances. The odds provided will usually guide you to the teams likely to win in the end.

Live Betting

Live Betting - Types of Bets Available

In India, football, tennis and live cricket betting are the most popular betting options. Punters must understand that the types of live bets available are dependent on the selected live sports and bookmaker. Sports betting operators are dedicated to developing more in-play markets with attractive betting odds for punters in India. Here is a list of the common types that punters can bet on:

  • The next goal or point scorer
  • The outcome of a penalty
  • Sending off a player after foul play
  • Missing or scoring a pending opportunity
  • Booking of players by the referee

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

Live betting has its ups and downs. Let’s explore the pros and cons below.


  • Additional betting opportunities - Sports betting is in constant evolution, and the main aim is offering more betting opportunities for punters. The sports betting operators enhance your chances of making profits from short-timed events.
  • Cashout options - Most live sports punting sites have the cashout option to protect you from major losses if things do not go as expected. Punters can take advantage of this and minimize the damage.
  • Super-fun and thrilling experience- Matches are unpredictable, and placing a live bet keeps you anticipated and glued to know whether it is successful.


  • Overwhelming experience- Following up on the game, the changing odds and placing your live bets can be stressful for punters. You must have a clear mind when betting on sports.
Live Betting Apps

Best Strategies for Betting on Live Games

Watching the sport when it is taking place gives you better chances to make informed decisions on the live bets. However, this is not enough to guarantee you a win. Here are a few strategies to employ when betting on live games.

First, you must get your finances right. Betting can be a tricky affair as you may either win or lose money. If you have previously lost money in live cricket betting, you should never place bets with the intention of regaining losses as this will often take you down a path of excessive loss.

Avoid placing too many live bets at once, as following up on them can be overwhelming. It would help if you concentrated on one and then determine the right time to place your bet. First-timers can work with the short-term bets as they are always easier to follow.

Before placing your live bet, watch the match that you want to bet on and see the live markets available. Additionally, a sportsbook with live streaming capability gives you clarity as you can follow up on the proceedings without closing the tab. You can choose between live football betting, live cricket betting, live tennis betting and other live sports betting categories.

Live Betting on the Go

Indian bettors can now bet on the go since operators have come up with mobile apps and mobile-optimized sites to help you place live bets. The websites have all the features and navigation abilities that are in a desktop version.

With this technological advancement, punters can stream live matches and place live bets while on the go. You bet from anywhere and at any time as long as you have your mobile device. Once you sign up on the live sports betting sites, you will get alerts notifying you of the upcoming games, and you can choose the ones to bet on. A player can use the setting icon on their mobile and give priority to those they deem necessary. You should make sure the live betting apps provided are secure and safe to use.

Live Betting

Recommended Bookmakers for Live Betting in India

The live betting opportunity was well received by punters and various operators in India. However, with the increased number of live betting sites in the Indian betting scene, players must strive to find reputable ones. With live betting sites that have mobile apps, players have the advantage of placing their bets regardless of where they are. For this reason, such sites will feature in the list below. Here are a few recommended live betting services for Indian bettors.


Bet365 offers Indian players the opportunity to bet live on diverse sports, leagues, and markets. Whether you love football, tennis, or hockey, you have the chance to maximize your earnings on the website. The sports betting service has a large market for live games, and this has fueled its popularity. You do not have to wait for the game to end to receive your confirmation or winnings. The primary live game offered by Bet365 is football, whereby one can predict the correct score full-time, halftime, both teams to score, draw, halftime result, and exact total goals, among others.

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This Asian sportsbook offers punters the chance to place live bets on games such as football, cricket, and baseball. With an attractive and easy to navigate website, you can conveniently bet on a wide range of markets and sports. They also have a live streaming feature that enhances the betting quality as you can watch the proceedings of the game as you bet. Players can also benefit from the ‘speed bet’ feature that allows you to place live bets from your mobile device instantly. Understand that in-play betting requires patience, focus, and preparation.

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The website offers a wide range of in-play betting options for punters. It accommodates bettors in a wide variety of markets such as tennis, football, basketball, and horse racing. The thrill and adrenal rush emanating from live bets is amazing. With an optimized mobile platform, players can access the live betting service on their mobile devices through the browser or betting app for both iOS and Android devices. With this, you have Betway at your convenience whenever you need to play. The exceptional customer service team at Betway is available 24/7 to respond to your queries, so you should contact them whenever you have an issue on the platform.

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The rising popularity of live betting should motivate you to try out these betting options. In the coming years, most matches or games will have the in-play feature, thus allowing more punters to make decent winnings from betting. As a live bet enthusiast, you must carefully assess the available live betting services for in-play sports and pick your favourite ones. Every operator has improved the betting experience on their sites to accommodate live bets, and you will find specific features on each site. It is only through thorough assessments that you can know the ideal one for in-play betting.


What is live betting?

It is a betting option that allows punters to place bets while the game is ongoing. The bets are usually offered until just before the end of the matches.

Can I use my smartphone to bet on live games?

Yes, most operators have optimized their websites to accommodate mobile users via the site’s browser and downloadable apps on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

How do I place a live bet online?

Visit your selected betting site, then go to the live betting option and pick a live game. After that, you can choose your market and place your bet.