Is Online Betting Legal In India - Comprehensive answer

Is Online Betting Legal In India - Comprehensive answer

Is online betting legal in India? This is an often asked question. Online gambling and betting is a popular leisure activity. If you play the game responsibly, you don’t just feel the rush of excitement, but you can also collect potential payouts. And what’s gambling more appealing is the increasing number of sportsbooks and betting shops that are willing to take your bets.

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This is true in India, one of the regions where the passion for sports like cricket is high. Although the market excites and there are options available, make sure you stay on the safe side. Before you participate, always check out if online betting is legal in India. And if yes, double-check what are the types of services available and the legitimate sites where you can bet and play.

History of Gambling in India

Sports and gambling in the country trace a long history. According to many books and historical records, Indians have been playing games and betting on outcomes since 7300 BC. For example, the Ramayana, tells of certain forms of games of chance. Here, it tells about the fascination of early Indians in playing gambling boards which many believe to be chess. Gambling with dice was also recorded. This fascination with gambling and betting on sports extends up to modern times.

Today, gambling and betting on sports are popular among Indians. In sports betting, the most popular ones among Indians are cricket and football. The popularity of these sports helps expand the reach of betting in India. There are now casinos too that offer modern-day versions of dice and gambling board games. For example, Indians can now play slot machines or participate in poker or other card games.

The latest development in gambling is the increasing popularity of online casinos and sportsbooks. With these sites, you can now bet on sports or play casino games online and across devices. With online sports betting, you can enjoy the thrill and bet for money anywhere, anytime.

is online betting legal in india

Status of the Legality of Gambling

As a country that’s rich in history particularly in gambling, the government offers several laws that seek to regulate all these activities. The primary law in place is the Public Gambling Act of 1876 which strictly prohibits the running or management of a public gambling house. Judging on this central law, gambling like card games are prohibited and it involves a fine of ₹100 or imprisonment of up to one month as a penalty.

So, is online betting legal in India? Can you register for an online sportsbook account and bet on cricket without breaking any law? As mentioned, it’s a state policy that gambling is illegal in most parts of India. But no law makes online gambling or betting an illegal activity. This means that yes, you can still participate in online betting or online gaming provided that you sign up for an account with an offshore licensed sportsbook or casino. With this, it’s possible to bet on the matches in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other popular tournaments.

It’s a different thing with betting or playing at physical bookmakers. The law is clear on the prohibition in running a physical shop or in betting in these shops. But if you truly want to experience the thrill of betting in a physical betting shop or casino, then make sure you do this in a state where it’s legally allowed. Gambling laws in India are a state subject, as such states are also empowered to create laws that can regulate betting or gambling.

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How to Start Betting Online?

For many punters, the most important question relates to the legality of online betting and gambling. So, is online betting legal in India? The short answer is yes, you can take part in online betting. Another equally important question relates to the choice of a sportsbook. Before you sign up and bet, make sure you review and check out the bookies that offer these services. As a rule, register only with an online sportsbook that’s located offshore and licensed to avoid inconveniences. The good news is that several sites accept bets from Indian punters. We also carry a list of recommended bookies that you can check in case you want to play or bet online.


? Is online gambling legal in India and can I play online slot games?

Although there’s a state policy against gambling, this pertains only to physical gambling houses. In the absence of a specific law against online casinos, it’s possible to play and enjoy online casino games.

⚽ Is cricket betting legal in India and can I bet on other international sports?

Similar to online gambling, betting in an online sportsbook is allowed. There’s no specific law that prohibits a punter from placing bets online.

❓ Where can I find a list of online casinos and bookies that accept real money bets from Indian punters?

You can check out our site for a list of offshore licensed casinos that accept real money bets from players based in India.