How to Bet on Horse Racing and Start Winning

How to Bet on Horse Racing and Start Winning

Horse racing in India is important not just for sports but in shaping is cultural history. The first races in the country started in 1777 in Madras and soon, these races have become a national pastime. There are currently five ‘Classic’ races in India which are patterned after the British races. This enduring popularity of horse races is now reflected in sports betting. To participate, you should review the basics of how to bet on horse racing.

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Betting Terms You Should Know

Understanding the common betting terms and lingo is important if you want to be successful. And when it comes to understanding the terms, it isn’t just about the general rules of the races. In horse betting, you should also check out the different betting terms that you will encounter. Here’s a shortlist of terms you need when learning how to bet on horse racing.

Back or Lay

In betting, to back means you’re putting your money on a runner to win or at least place. To ‘lay’ a horse is the opposite- you’re expecting that the horse will not win or place in the race.

how to bet on horse racing online


If the horse ends up second, third, or fourth (depending on the runners), then it places. In some sportsbooks, you can expect extra places for bigger events.

Each Way

This type of bet in online sports betting combines the features of the place and win. In online horse betting, an ‘Each-Way’ bet requires you to place your bet on a specific horse to win, but also wager the same amount for it to place to cover the bet. In horse race betting in India, your returns will depend on where the horse finishes.


For this type of bet, you wager on the specific horses that will end up first and second, in order.


This is similar to exacta except that you’re focusing on the top three horses that will finish the race.

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A Few Tips to Get Started in Horse Race Betting Online

Although betting on horses is not a sure bet, the experience provides you entertainment and a chance to collect a payout. If you’re learning how to bet on horse racing, make sure you take into account a few tips and tricks. Described below are some common tips that every beginning punter should know.

Start with a sensible bankroll

In online gambling, the amount varies but it should be something you can afford to lose. When learning how to make money on horse racing, start with $100 or its currency equivalent and only bet 5% of it on win bets. As discussed, there are different types of bets you can play. Learn how to use and maximize each bet to improve your betting experience.

Begin with small stakes

In learning how to bet on horse racing, some punters become too excited with the prospect of winning. And to fast-track their winnings, they often wager large sums of money. This is not a sensible strategy especially if you’re just starting in online horse race betting in India. Start with small stakes so you can extend your bankroll. If you win, then you can easily increase your wagers along the way.

how to bet on horse racing india

Watch live and follow the live stream

Information is critical when training on how to bet on horse racing. This means paying attention to the statistics and previous results. If you know the previous place winners and champions, then there’s a big chance that you can make an informed way of learning how to bet on horses.

However, watching the race as it happens will offer a better perspective on how the race unfolds. The manner of victory or defeat will tell you a lot of things in learning how to win horse racing bets. Watching the races live is critical if you want to take part in live horse betting online. To do this, you need to use the live horse race streaming service of your sportsbook.

Make your bets online

The web now makes it easier for you to place your bets. You no longer need to visit a track to place your bets. There are online sportsbooks that accept real money bets online. Also, these bookies offer you resources that help you understand how to bet on horses and win. You can also use the mobile sportsbook apps to place your bets.


? How to bet on horse racing online?

To follow the results and bet online, you’ll need to sign up for a sportsbook account in one of the licensed platforms. Once registered, you can top-up the account and bet online.

? How does horse betting work and what are the popular bets I can play?

Just like in other sports, you place a bet on the outcome of the race. There are different ways to bet on horses with Win and Place as the most popular bets.

? Can I win real money in horse racing betting online?

Yes. If you sign up and bet real money in reputable sites, there’s a chance that you can win real money. Just place your bet and if your pick wins, you collect a payout.