CSGO Betting - Popular Bets and Top Bookmakers

CSGO Betting - Popular Bets and Top Bookmakers

Esport betting continues to gain massive popularity all over the world, and India isn’t left behind. For example, DreamHack has brought CSGO betting to many gamers in the country. The eSport is played on many licensed CSGO betting websites.

Top Online Bookmakers in India 2023

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The Popularity of CSGO Betting in India

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Today CSGO is regarded as an international sport across the globe. India, in particular, is giving this game the professional significance it deserves.

CSGO is an eSport that was developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, and it’s the fourth version of the counter-strike series by this company. It involves two teams (terrorists and counter-terrorists) competing against each other. The game has received massive excellent reviews, and in 2015, it received the ‘Esports Game of the Year award.’ And in 2019, it replaced Dota 2 to emerge at the top on Steam charts.

Since its launch in 2012, CSGO has added more features, making it more competitive. The current version builds on its original features, making it easy for players with prior exposure to the earlier versions to play the eSport.

Additionally, unlike most casino games, CSGO has lots of detailed data, making it possible for bookmakers to set odds for matches. Players can also prepare analyses and make predictions using the available statistics. As is the case with most eSports betting types, winning relies on researching and establishing the risk vs reward criteria.

The rise of the game in India is due to an increase in the number of Indian professional gamers taking the game to a new level. For example, in 2018, several Indian CSGO newcomers emerged as top players. The rise of Starladder Berlin Major has also helped to revamp interest in CSGO for players who had lost passion for the game.

In December 2018, Valve made CSGO a free cost game, thus making it accessible to more players. Some of the Indian players who have made the game more popular in India include Tejas Kotian (Rex), Tejas Sawant (Ace), and Agneya Koushik (Marzil).

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CSGO Betting

Tens of thousands of individuals visit CSGO third-party esports betting sites to enjoy their favorite game. CSGO betting works similarly to conventional sports betting. A gamer can bet using real money or CSGO skins. To win a round and earn points, a team must eliminate each member of the opposing team or fully separate the map objectives.

The terrorist’s objective is to plant explosives and make sure they detonate before the time is over. On the other hand, the counter-terrorists task is to ensure no bombs are planted and to escape before the terrorists accomplish their aim.

CSGO is part of the counter-strike series that has ground to be a standalone game. The game is popular with gamers of all ages. It’s one of the most popular multiplayer games, and CSGO esports betting accounts for a significant portion of the online gaming market.

The Best Bookmaker for CSGO Betting

Of late, we have had many CSGO gambling sites coming up. Thus, players may have difficulties locating a suitable eSport bookmaker. That’s why newcomers must take time to select an ideal bookmaker for CSGO Betting. Some of the best CSGO betting sites that have remained reputable over the years where a player can place their counter-strike bet include Betway, ArcaneBet, Loot Bet, GGbet, and Bet365.

Betway is among the pioneers in eSport betting and one of the best bookmakers. This service provider has a long history, having started way back in 1934. It is also listed on the London Stock Exchange. This is to say the company has lots of public shareholders, and it has to remain transparent and trustworthy.

Players should not be worried because Betway seems to be more than an ordinary sports betting website. They have a thriving esports section. Betway offers quick and responsive customer support, fast and secure deposits and withdrawals, and a dependable legacy. The registration process is fast and smooth. It includes only a few steps, and once complete, you can deposit money and start betting.

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Common CSGO Bets

A majority of CS: GO betting sites list several eSport betting markets. Bets available on popular CS betting sites include:

  • Outright bets - These bets focus on the entire outcome in the tournaments. Gamblers place bets on the team they expect to win, the region the winner will come from, or the team that will get to the finals.
  • Accumulator bets - These are also referred to as combo bets and comprise several individual bets that, if won, will result in a larger payout.
  • Money-line bets - These are the most common types of CSGO bets. They are placed on a single match. Players get odds from bookmakers based on how strong a team is. For example, a bookmaker can advise players to bet on team X based on their predictions
  • In-play bets - These are also referred to as live bets and are only placed after a match starts.
  • Special Bets - These are bets made on particular events that will occur in the course of the match. The events include correct scores, specific map winners, or the total kills in the session. They require more in-depth analysis and, therefore, not suitable for beginners.

Live Betting and Live Streaming

Live CSGO betting is a remarkable opportunity for gamers to enjoy their favorite sport and make money. ArcaneBet, Betway, Bet365, and GGbet are among the best CSGO live betting sites. They are not only eSport gambling platforms but also sites with big communities. After launching live CSGO betting, they recorded a significant increase in the number of players. Players must note not all bets can be in-play.

Live Streaming for CSGO betting is possible on many different platforms. Depending on the tournament, some CSGO matches are streamed live on Twitch TV and YouTube. In rare cases, the tournament organizer may decide to stream the match on Facebook as the case with ESL. Some esports gambling sites like Arcanebet, Pinnacle & GG.bet, also provide live streaming of CSGO matches on their websites. This comes alongside with the CSGO esports betting.


Newcomers are usually overwhelmed with CSGO match betting. The following are some of the FAQs.

❓ What does CSGO stand for?

CSGO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

⚖️ Is CSGO gambling illegal?

No, but the bookmakers must have the right licenses. They must also ensure the gamers follow the set rules.

? Can I view live CS: GO games on my mobile?

Yes, a player can watch live CS: GO on their mobile, provided they have the right features to facilitate this function. Almost all bookmakers that cover eSports have live streaming and in-play betting available.