Betting on Horse Racing - Wager on the Biggest Events in India

Betting on Horse Racing is among the most popular sports markets in India. Most people might not realize it but racing horses is as beloved a sport as cricket. It goes back 200 years and offers excellent opportunities to win money. This guide provides some basics of horse race betting in India.

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A Brief History of Horse Racing in India

Betting on Horse Racing

Racing horses in India trace back to 1777, with the establishment of the first racecourse in Madras. It was one of the sports that came with British rule. As more people became interested in importing and breeding horses, races grew more popular. In the early 1860s, the country saw an increase in the number of courses. Areas with British cantonments had the most number of racecourses. As the colonial capital, Calcutta became the epicenter of the bludgeoning horse racing business. The racing industry required only the use of Indian-bred horses, which is what contributed to the booming breeding sector.

All imported horses are recorded in the Indian Stud Book. The National Horse Breeding & Show Society published a pioneer studbook, but the first official volume was in 1942. With the evolving Thoroughbred market in India, it became necessary to make the Stud Book an independent authority. When learning about horses to bet better on races, punters can refer to these records. The Turf Authority of India is the body that governs the racing of horses in the country. In the 1930s, the Turf Authority had only work clubs, Royal Calcutta and Royal Western India Turf Club. Now, it has nine clubs, serving all the major cities, including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

The legality of Horse Racing Betting

The spike in races led to unique gambling opportunities of betting on horse racing. In this type of sports betting, gamblers wager on the odds of horse racing events. Before putting money on a race, though punters should know how legal it is. Betting on horse racing is entirely legal in India. In 1996, a ruling by the Supreme Court declared that horse betting is not gambling because punters don’t rely solely on luck. Jockeys require specific skills to be able to racehorses.

The results of racing events are as much about the competency of the rider and the ability of the horse as it is about chances. According to the Police Act of 1888 and the Gaming Act of 1930, gambling on horse races is not illegal. Various states also have statutes in place permitting registered and licensed bookmakers to offer services.

The legality of horse racing betting is another reason for the popularity of the sport. Under the same laws, online horse race betting is legal as well. Punters in India can place bets on their preferred horse races. However, Indian horse racing events are not available on online bookmakers due to the strict regulation of the industry. The issuer of internet gaming licenses, Sikkim, has never approved a license for horse racing betting. Bettors have to be content with international racing odds.

Betting on Horse Racing in India

A number of foreign racebooks have virtual racing. With these products, an online sportsbook simulates a real race with animated horses. It’s a way of betting on horse racing in the absence of a live event. Enthusiasts who want to gamble on Indian horses participating in local races can use trackside sportsbooks and pari-mutuel betting booths.

The Best Sportsbooks for Betting on Horse Racing

An ideal website for horse racing betting means different things to various punters. The specific demands of a gambler will dictate which bookmarker to use. However, some aspects are fundamental, like the odds offered, bonuses, markets covered and the reputation of the platform. The following two are leading sites for online horse race betting in India.


One of the leading bookmakers in the sports betting market, Bet365 is registered in the UK. Launched in 2000, the gambling site boasts the title of the biggest sportsbook in the world. The wide variety of markets the platform covers is a huge reason for its dominance. Bet365 is a multi-platform brand, providing sports, casino, live casino, bingo, and poker. It gives great odds for international races. If a punter wishes to try the odds of a product other than horse racing, it’s only a matter of switching tabs. The platform is easy to use whether you have bet on races online before or not.

Bet365 accepts rupees, among other currencies. The gambling website has a bonus offer for new bettors. Several other promotions are available for customers in India. Bet365 accepts various deposit and withdrawal methods. Customers can send or withdraw money via credit cards, digital wallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfer. Bet365 is a trustworthy platform that punters can trust with their money and information.

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When you speak of betting on any sports in Asia, Dafabet always comes up. It’s a reputable sport betting website with a massive market share in the continent. Dafabet has some of the best odds in the industry. Customers get early prices for odds in the UK and Irish races. It covers all major races from the Grand National to the Cheltenham Festival. A slew of other sports, including tennis, darts, and football are present. Established in 2004, Dafabet has a gambling license from the UKGC.

Live horse race streaming is one of the features of the website. Its high-definition video allows customers to see races as they take place, resulting in a more fulfilling experience. The platform is mobile compatible, allowing punters to wager on racing odds while on the move. A first-deposit offer is available for new customers.

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Types of Wagers

Before looking up races and horses to put money on, punters should learn the various types of bets. Note that wagers influence odds. Below are some of the standard bets;

Place - You wager on the odds that a particular horse finishes in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race of 8 to 11 horses. In case of fewer horses in the race, only the first and second positions count. If the race has more contenders, you can also win a stake for the fourth-place horse. A place bet is a form of a straight wager.

Quinella - The bet is that two horses in a single race will win first and second, regardless of the order. It means that whether the results are #1 and #2 or #2 and #1, your wagers pays out. You can place a quinella stake on any race with three or more horses. It’s the easiest exotic wager to execute.

Each-way - A common wager that consists of two parts - win and place. It means that you win if your chosen horse wins the race and also if it takes one of the place bets (1, 2, 3 or 4). An each-way stake is suitable in an instance when the odds on the favorite horse are low.

Trifecta - Also called a tricast, the trifecta wagers on the odds of particular horses completing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in that order. You can opt to use several horses in a single race, which can get expensive. A trifecta can evolve into other types by gambling on different combinations.

Betting on Horse Racing

Jackpots - The odds in this wager are usually lower, so punters should brace themselves for the associated risks. Here, you predict the odds of different horses winning in five different races for an opportunity to win the prize pool. If you get the first four horses correctly but fail the last race, you earn a consolation prize.

Betting Strategies and Tips

As with other sports, punters have to be knowledgeable about horse racing betting. The primary rule is only to wager money that you can afford to lose. Research before a race is vital. Find out the specifics of the race and the horses competing in it. Statistics about the performance of certain jockeys, horses, and trainers in a particular race can help a great deal. Learn how different horses behave on varying tracks. For example, one horse can be perfect on turf but come up short in a dirt race.

Understand the various wagers and know which one is most suitable in a particular race. Operators use various systems to calculate payouts in each kind of wager. Learn how they do this to help you choose the most profitable stakes. Shop around for odds to ensure you land the best. Don’t forget to check the reviews of a bookmarker. Be confident that you are using a reputable and safe gambling website for horse race betting online.

Bonuses and Promotions For Horse Racing

As online horse betting becomes more popular, operators are trying everything to attract customers. Sports betting sites offer a host of promotions to lure bettors. Most of them vary with the website, but a few are standard. The welcomed bonus, for example, is present at almost every platform. This promotion is for new accounts and can be of any size. Loyalty schemes are basic, as well. Bettors earn points that they can redeem for free bets. Most operators usually have VIP programs where high-rollers can enjoy exclusive promotions, among other rewards. Punters should compare bonuses and promotions carefully when settling on an operator.

Turf Accountant V Shop V Online Betting

Three main alternatives are available when placing wagers on a race in India - a Turf accountant, shop (in-store) and online. Each of these offers several advantages when betting on horse racing. A Turf accountant is the safest way for most people to send their wagers. Regardless of the level of security that a web-based platform promises, you can’t be 100% that your financial information won’t end up in the wrong hands.

The Turf Authority of India is a legitimate organization and punters can trust its operations. Trackside shops offer just as much security, but they might not match the reputation of a Turf accountant. These two alternatives are perfect for racing enthusiasts who prefer Indian horse races.

Online sports betting, on the other hand, gives punters a lot of variety. You have hundreds of websites that provide sports on which to wager. The online option opens up punters to various international events. Also, customers are not restricted to horses. They can play any markets, including basketball, cricket, and rugby. Operating on the web allows a bookmaker to provide better odds and promotions than accountants and shops.

How Lucrative is Betting on Horse Racing?

Horse racing sector is a wealthy business with each race drawing wagers worth millions. Horse race betting has the potential to earn good money with the right approach. Bettors must realize the difference between winning and making a profit. Wagering on a race is only lucrative if you post profits at the end of the event.

Maintaining a winning streak is one way to do that. For that, you should know how to pick the horses. The types of wagers are important too. You should be able to weigh the winning chances of pari-mutuel/tote and fixed betting. Strive to stake your money on the best racing odds. How the sports betting site pays off is another consideration. Find a gambling website with the best prices and payout rates.


The following information can help punters boost their odds when betting on horse racing.

❓ How to pick the winning horse?

The health of a horse and its abilities affect its odds in a race. Check the level of training and reputation of the trainer. Consider the statistics of previous races too.

? Who is the best bookmaker for horse race betting?

Gamblers should evaluate the odds price offer of an operator before using its platform. Prioritize bookmakers with the best price guarantees.

? What is the richest race in the world?

The Saudi Cup, which held its inaugural races in February 2020, became the world’s richest horse race. It had a prize pool of $20 million to overtake both the Dubai World Cup and Pegasus.

? Can I use a mobile app for horse racing betting?

A majority of bookmakers allow punters to wager on various sports, including horse races from hand-held devices. Customers can use native apps or optimized sites for horse race betting.

? Is it possible to live stream races?

Yes. Most online bookmakers provide the choice of live horse betting online. Customers get to watch races in real-time from wherever they are. The specific horse races vary among bookmakers.