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eSports betting is universally growing at a rapid pace. Lots of punters play online games themselves, and others like to watch streamers and tournaments of their favorite eSports. 

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As a player in India, 10Cric provides you with a myriad of options to bet on as far as eSports are concerned. They ease the process with extra features to help you place your wagers as smoothly as possible. Let’s go ahead and take a dive into the world of 10cric eSports.

eSports Betting - How Does It Work?

If you’re an inexperienced Indian player, you might be a bit confused about how eSports betting works. It’s completely normal, this side of the industry reached the peak of its bloom just recently. 

Well, to put it in simple words, eSports betting works just like any other form of betting you’re used to. You’ve got in-play bets on live matches, and the regular predictions you’d make on future tournaments. Also, you’ll get to choose from a wide range of online games and their available markets. It’s not really that different, and you’re still offered amazing bonuses to go about this form of gambling.

10Cric eSports

eSports Betting Basics

While most esports betting sites work in the same way casinos do, as we just explained, there are some differences that need to be addressed. But to speak of the basics, you’re betting with real cash according to the current esports betting odds.

Some markets differ from what you’re used to, as the sport at hand is a lot different than actual physical sports. We’ll talk about the different types of bets later on in this review.

Aside from this, there’s another form of betting which is exclusive to esports. Let’s talk a little bit about that:

Skins Betting 

If you’ve ever played or watched online games before, you know that each game has its own items and trading system. This allows the players to be more engaged in this fictional world and enjoy the game a lot more.

Skin betting is based on the concept of having properties attributed to your gaming account. A “skin” is something bought within the game to enhance the look of your character. You can use the skin to bet on online matches, win better skins, or some actual cash. While this might not work with a Fortnite bet, as the skins cannot be traded, it’s very popular among other games.

Real Money eSports Betting

Betting on online games is no joke. It’s a vastly growing market among punters everywhere. A lot of money is being spent on tournaments in the industry, with sponsors backing up the best teams and players.

Betting on esports with real money is exciting and can be very rewarding if you win. With 10cric eSports, you’re offered a lot of different markets and games to choose from. Also, you get the best esports live odds out there.

10cric eSports Betting Markets

10cric eSports Betting Markets

Esports markets are massive. There are literally thousands of games out there enjoyed by many. Having said so, providers usually focus on the most popular ones to provide the best experience for Indian gamblers.

The great thing about esports betting is that it allows a bit of diversity among the games chosen, and the different types of bets you’re allowed to place. Speaking of 10Cric, the website has integrated the most famous games out there and their markets. You’re probably familiar with most of the options we’re mentioning down below.

The provider ensures that they’re constantly updating their library to include the best odds for all markets advertised on the website. Rest assured that you’d be getting the best service you can ask for when you choose to bet on any of the following games.

10cric CSGO

One of the most popular markets is Counter-Strike betting. The game has been around for ages. It’s regarded as both a classic and a contemporary solution for all lovers of first-person shooting games.

Through 10cric esports, you can view the different matches and tournaments available in the upcoming future. You can also opt-in for some CSGO live betting if there are any matches being played at any given point.

The game is very entertaining and lends a nostalgic experience to modern gaming. It also has lots of pro players, so, highly competitive compared to other options.

10cric LOL

Another really popular option is League of Legends betting. LoL is a MOBA game that was launched back in 2009. It went viral due to the immense amount of updates and changes Riot Games usually apply to their creation. It’s got a massive player base that is constantly growing over the years.

LoL betting has been very popular recently. The game itself is very competitive with tournaments held all year long around the world. It was only natural for it to grow among gamblers as well.

10cric DOTA 2

Another game you’d find on 10cric is DOTA 2. It’s a lot similar to LoL but with different champions and graphics. Some prefer one over the other, but both are really great options to watch and play.

You can go for some Dota 2 live betting if you’d like something a little bit more exciting. Indian gamblers tune in to watch the games live, pick their favorite teams, and place their predictions as the match is being played.

10cric Overwatch

Overwatch is also available through 10Cric. Launched back in 2016, the first-person shooter game falls a bit more on the contemporary side of gaming. It has incredible graphics, enjoyable characters and weapons, and a lot more to offer you if you like this type of video game.

You may also choose different players and markets when placing your bets on this game. It has a live betting option, as well as various types of bets to choose from. Make your predictions and shoot!

10cric Bonuses 

When first starting out, Indian players are usually after a good esports betting bonus. When placing your bets through 10Cric, you’re not only getting the best esports odds, but you also get to claim incredible offers.

For the welcome bonus, 10cric offers you a matched-deposit kind of offer that is estimated at 100% and can go up to ₹10,000. You can use your bonus to bet on any kind of esports you like. Just put the code WELCOME when checking out on the official website.

Aside from that, there’s yet another really good offer. If you like to bet with bitcoins, you can get a 100% matched deposit of up to mBTC 30. This offer can work in conjunction with the welcome bonus. Both are available to bet on esports events.


Types of Bets Available for eSports at 10cric

Some players might be a bit confused about what types of bets are available for online games. Let’s speak of the ones that are offered on 10cric eSports. For starters, you will find the most basic ones: betting on the match winner or the overall tournament winner. If you go a little bit deeper, you’ll find types of bets that are game-specific.

For example, if you’d like to do some call of duty betting, you can place a wager on the first map. This means that you’re betting on which team would win the first map of the match, which is common among first-person shooter games. You may also place bets on the team that scores the first kill or draws the first blood, as in LoL.

Aside from this, 10cric offers you esports live betting on any ongoing matches. If that’s your kind of thing, it’s perfect to tune in and place your wagers as the match progresses.

Final Thoughts on eSports Betting in India

If you’re interested in betting on online games, 10Cric eSports is the perfect solution for all Indian punters out there. Their esports odds are phenomenal compared to the competition in the region. Aside from that, they’re deemed one of the best esports betting sites for the amazing recurrent promotions they provide.

You also have the option to go for esports crypto betting through 10Cric. As the provider is well experienced in the region, you won’t have any problems they cannot resolve. We’d highly recommend going for this bookmaker if you live in India. They make things a lot simpler for you than other websites operating in the country. Go try it for yourself!