Online Sports Betting in India - A Complete Guide

Online sports betting in India is quite easy and is offered by most of the notable international gambling platforms. Betting on popular sports is highly appreciated by lots of gamblers worldwide. For English-speaking Indian players, it’s not hard to find a suitable site with various deposit methods. In this guide, we’re going to review several options to do your sports betting online. We’re also going to discuss the legality of gambling in India, and how Indian players may go about it safely.

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Sports Betting Online in India

Online Sports Betting in India

Sports betting online has become quite popular in India over the past decade. It’s much feasible for gamblers in that area to enjoy their hobby virtually. First of all, providers have made it quite easy for Indian locals to access platforms and even bet in their own currency.

Aside from easing the process, known platforms have integrated popular sports in India within their gambling options. Both cricket and kabaddi have a massive fanbase in India. They’re enjoyed both on the field and streamed continuously throughout the year for millions of attentive followers. When it comes to sports betting online, this two appeal the most to gamblers in the area.

Is it Legal

While all gambling activities are deemed illegal by Indian law, citizens may still bet online. According to most news sites, there’s no specific law that prohibits gambling virtually. Another note that Indian players should consider is that there are regulations between gambling platforms and agencies within India. This very fact assures the legality of sports betting online.

The Indian government has not enforced any laws in regard to the matter this far. You may rest assured that online gambling is not deemed illegal in India. You’re free to consult with legal agencies within your city and put your questions to rest.

Popular Sports to Bet On

There’s a lot of sports you can bet on in India. Of course, diversity is attributed to the large number populating the country. India has the second-largest population on earth, which in turn will most definitely mirror different inclinations.

Aside from the two popular sports, we mentioned earlier, cricket and kabaddi, you still have lots of other sports betting options. Indian players can enjoy betting on horse racing, football, tennis, and even Esports.


Cricket is definitely the most enjoyable sport in India. It dates back 300 years in the country, with more than a third of the population watching new events. The nature of the game allows gamblers to have many sports betting options available with every match.

What makes cricket a widely popular gambling option is the massive industry behind the game. It’s highly promoted in the country, with newscasts continuously reporting updated events in regards to the game.

Types of bets

Indian players may bet on different outcomes of a cricket match. For starters, they can be on the team who wins the toss. They can also bet on the Man of the Match. Another popular bet would be among the top team bowlers. There’s also a Draw No Bet, which can be a safe strategy to have an extra bet in case the game ends in a draw.

Local markets

As an Indian player, if you’re after the local betting market, there are several options that you can choose from. Dafabet is known for their generous welcome bonus. 10Cric is also a good option, but with a less rewarding bonus. However, they’ve been praised by their online customers several times. They’re known for their transparency and responsive customer service.

International markets

Gamblers can still opt for platforms that are not Indian sports betting sites. Betway is best known as a global platform for online sports betting. It was founded back in 2006 and has been operating flawlessly ever since. You may check their official website for more information or instructions on how you can start betting.

Horse Racing

horse racing betting

Horse racing dates back in time to Ancient Greece, with roots in the mythology of competitions among gods. It was enjoyed throughout history by the nobles around the world. It’s still a fairly popular sport nowadays. Aside from enjoying the race itself, it’s become an attractive betting option for gamblers worldwide.

Indian players can enjoy betting on horse races online at ease. It’s not difficult to find an online bookmaker that accepts Indian currency on horse racing bets.

Types of bets

There are multiple types of bets when it comes to horse racing. Clients may choose to bet on Show, which results in a payoff when the horse lands among the three first places. It’s considered a safer bet.

Other types would be Place and Win. The former is concerned with the first two places; while the Win obviously shoots for the horse that finishes the first. There are other types that include a combination of horses. A Trifecta would mean that the client’s horses would land in the first three places, and so on.


Kabaddi is yet another popular sport in India with old origins in the country. It’s played among two teams, with seven players on each side. Much like cricket, this game has a massive following in the country. It has found its popularity among betting sites due to the high demand of Indian gamblers interested in the sport.

Platforms have integrated the game within their sports betting to accommodate the Indian audience. With different deposit methods and slick navigations of betting sites, Indians can now bet online on their favorite game easier than ever.

Types of bets

In kabaddi betting, gamblers can choose to bet on different outcomes in every match. The most basic one would be a bet on the winning team. Indian players may also opt to bet on the total point of either side. There’s also another sector of wagers that includes the outcome of tournaments. Gamblers can predict which team is going to win the whole tournament or league.

Local markets

Dafabet is one of the most known betting sites in India that offers bets on kabaddi. The platform makes it quite advantageous for Indians to bet on the game with a generous welcome bonus. The platform has proven throughout the years their credibility and managed to grow a massive clientele in Asia.

International markets

Bet365 is a highly popular online bookmaker. The company was established back in 2000 in the UK. It offers bets on kabaddi for the international gambling scene, as well as the Indian audience interested in the game. If you’d like to go with another option, Betway would be the gate you’d choose. These two examples are worthy of mentioning when talking about international betting markets.

football betting in india

Football – Don’t Call It Soccer!

Our review won’t be complete if we don’t mention football betting. It’s remarkably the main sport enjoyed on earth. The game has fans literally around every city in the world. While the Indian people are known for their attraction towards cricket and kabaddi, football still carves its way through the heart of locals.

Aside from enjoying football events, Indian gamblers are also interested in the other side of the game. To tend to the high demand, betting sites have made it available for Indians to bet on football matches online.

Types of bets

In football, there are various types of wagers that you can choose from. The end result of a full-time match is the most known bet. Indian gamblers may also choose to bet on the total number of goals, and whether it’s under a certain number or above it. As the game has many field players, gamblers may also choose to bet on a certain player to score the first goal or the last one. As a gambler, you should weigh the betting odds of your bets to choose wisely.

Local markets

Tending to the Indian market, Dafabet allows locals to bet on football events throughout various leagues. Gamblers can access the website within the country and place their bets according to their preferences. The platform offers various methods of payments and has established trust among its growing clientele. Players may easily deposit their money in Indian currency.

International markets

When it comes to football, Indians may bet on a bookmaker called LeoVegas. It’s a Swedish company that was established back in 2011, and it offers its services online to an international audience. Indians may easily access the platform and deposit their money to enjoy their favorite hobby.

Emerging Sports For Sports Betting In India

We’ve discussed the most known sports to gamble on, but that’s not the end of this guide. There are other emerging sports that you can bet on in India. While the classic world of sports gambling with real money consisted of just multiple games, there’s more variety now. 

esports betting in india


Players in India may bet with real money on e-gaming events. This would include lots of games that are cherished by gamers everywhere. Games like League of Legends, CS: GO and Dota 2 are among the most popular options in Esports. Fortnite has also grown its popularity among gamblers and gamers alike.

It might seem a bit confusing to new gamblers that Esports are included. However, the gaming industry has grown exponentially due to streamers and known websites like Twitch.


Another bet on sports that Indians can enjoy is tennis. While the sport doesn’t have many betting odds when it comes to the outcome, it became attractive to online gambling enthusiasts. Online sports betting operators in India have integrated tennis to become one of the options provided for its clients.

Bonuses & Promotions Available To Punters In India

Online sports betting offers bonuses and promotions to motivate players to bet on their favorite games. Casino games, for example, have had quite the popularity over the past decade, and the same scenario applies to online sports betting in India. When a player decides to deposit money, online betting sites usually increase the money deposited. This is to welcome new players and also get them familiar with how the platform works.

There are different types of promotions and bonuses when it comes to online sports betting. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate the difference so you may decide accordingly:

sportsbook bonus

Sign Up Bonus

Whenever a new player joins an online gambling platform, there’s a signup bonus to welcome their arrival. This consists of a percentage of real money added to the amount they deposited. It doesn’t matter what the deposit method is, whether it’s a bank account or a credit card. As a new player, you’d receive this bonus regardless.

While the amount of money varies from one site to another, online sports betting sites always make it a generous one. This is to attract new clientele and adhering to the idea that new players still need to get accustomed to gambling.

Free Bets

The free bets promotion allows new gambling enthusiasts to place their bets without worrying about the outcome. While there’s no real money provided in these bets, the payout status would remain the same. The prerequisite to acquire such a bonus is to deposit money onto your account.

Enhanced Betting Odds/ Price Boost

Sports Betting sites usually offer such types of boosts for newcomers. Enhanced betting odds mean that when a bet is placed, the odds of payout are increased along with the amount of money to withdraw in the end. This makes new customers more likely to have a bigger payout.

You may consult with the operator you want to deposit money to before doing so. Some betting sites offer free wagers but don’t really enhance the betting odds and vice versa. It’s always easy to spot which bonuses and promotions are provided by the platform. Most sites advertise their promotions in clear writing on their landing page.

ACCA Boost

This bonus encourages players on a certain bookmaker to place their money on different stakes. It’s a widely appreciated boost in online gambling. When the player’s money is divided among different selections, the ACCA boost will result in a better payout amount for the player. Whenever a player ventures to go with the ACCA, they’ll get to see an estimation of the boost in the case they win.

When it comes to online sports betting, it’s usually provided on pre-match selections. It’s highly valued in the betting market, for the return is somewhat satisfactory to those who win.

ACCA Insurance

When accumulators fail to reward the players, there’s a strategy in online gambling to console players. The ACCA insurance works in the case that a certain combination of selections doesn’t result in a successful payout. In that case, punters will be offered a cashback or some free bets to play some more and try their luck.

It varies from one site to another. Before going with ACCA, you have to check with the platform you’re dealing with. If you have any concerns, most providers would be happy to assist along the way.

sports live streaming

Live Streaming Of Sporting Events

Streaming sports ought to be the most enjoyable type of visual entertainment. Millions of people tune in to catch on to new events. Among the most streamed sports is football and, of course, cricket, for their massive audience.

One of the main events would be the ICC - Cricket World Cup. Lots of Indians gather to watch the tournament with high anticipation. When it comes to football, the FIFA World Cup would be the most enjoyable event. But there are other alternatives throughout the year, like UEFA Champions League and UEFA European Championship.

It all depends on the type of game you want to enjoy streaming. The most known providers would be Bet365. Football is by far the most streamed sport, but cricket has a massive audience that companies also need to tend to.

When it comes to cricket, Unibet would be the best option to go for. Bet365 also streams cricket for fans and gambling enthusiasts worldwide. Check the schedule online to make sure you’re not missing out on important events.

Bookmaker Sports TV Channels

For the gambling world, there’s always dedicated services to appease gamblers anywhere. Online sports betting sites rely on dedicated bookmaker channels to stream the games for those betting. Among the most known platforms is Beway. The whole platform is developed specifically for online gambling enthusiasts. It’s designed to allow players to track statistics and information while enjoying the game they love and appreciate. It also works just like any other operator would, so you may place your selections while watching the game online.

As we mentioned above, another alternative for those into a sportsbook would be Bet365. The website offers live betting analytics to track down every game that is happening in the present. It’s been deemed quite a resourceful streaming platform, in addition to its services.

Live betting

Live Betting - Extra Excitement Of Sports Betting During The Game

Another type of wager that is offered to entice gamblers is in-play or in other words, live betting. This means that customers get to place their wagers on outcomes while the game is actually playing. This adds to the overall excitement. 

Make sure to check with the platform you’re using whether they offer this type of wager or not. A sportsbook would have a list of the wagers they accept placed on their official website.

Payment Methods - Accepted Means Of Deposit And Withdrawal By Bookies

Whether you’re doing online cricket betting, or just enjoy some casino games, money is always the prerequisite. As a customer, you won’t be able to make your selections unless you make a deposit in your sports betting account.

Most platforms work with legal payment means to allow their customers to engage with the games. The most known methods provided are as follows:

  • Credit cards (Master and Visa)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfers

Most platforms try to provide as many payment methods as they can. An operator is rated better than another based on a lot of factors, and the variety of payment methods provided is one of them. Check with the platform you’re picking and ask about payment methods before venturing to play.

sports betting mobile apps

Sports Betting On The Go – Mobile Sites & Apps

Sports Betting with your money on the go is definitely a fun thing to do. Some bookies prefer to provide their customers with means that would allow them to gamble on their phones. You might come across dedicated platforms and apps that only work on smartphones. Also, if you are a fan of live betting these apps will make your life easier.

If you’re interested in gambling on the go, check with your chosen platform. Ask the operator whether they have the option to gamble on devices other than a PC. In the case that they don’t have a dedicated app, they probably have a mobile-friendly website. Most platforms can be accessed through a mobile device to gamble wherever you are.

Bookmakers Without Restrictions - Sportsbooks Operating In India

As we mentioned earlier, popular sports betting sites have made it available for Indians to gamble on their platforms. It’s now easier than ever for locals to enjoy the hobby they most cherish in their own currency. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and review the best options out there:


One of the most widely known betting sites in the online gambling world is Bet365. It has a sportsbook that is appreciated by players worldwide. The company was established in the UK and has a proven record of legitimacy among players. The platform is legal to use in India.

As an Indian client, you have to be over 18 years old to use the site. It does accept the Indian rupee, which is always a plus. Once a client ventures to deposit money on the website, Indians will get up to ₹10,000 as a welcome bonus to enjoy sports betting. 

The great thing about Bet365 is the various deposit methods they offer. Once an account has been created, clients may choose to gamble through their bank account, credit or debit card, Skrill, AstroPay, Neteller, and even bank transfers. This allows more customers to engage with the platform. In some cases, citizens might not be able to provide a certain payment method. That’s why the operator integrates different channels to let in as many customers as they can. 

The sports betting website has received lots of positive reviews from Indians and international punters. Bettors have the live betting option on all platforms as Bet365 offer a dedicated mobile app for sports betting.

Welcome Bonus up to ₹4,000


With this amazing platform, online cricket betting has never been more fun. The platform is fairly simple to navigate and understand how it works. It’s easy to use your money in gambling on 10Cric, as the website welcomes Indian customers the most. It’s mainly focused on cricket, but the casino has other popular games that their clientele can enjoy. They offer a generous bonus to new accounts, which includes a boost of up to ₹10,000, along with 20 free spins on their casino games.

As we mentioned, the platform mostly focuses on the Indian audience. That’s why they accept money in the local currency. So, customers from India would have no problem while using their cash in order to do their gambling. What makes the website popular among the online sports betting community is their sole dedication to cricket gambling. It’s basically a betting site where cricket lovers go to and enjoy the betting odds of upcoming matches.

The payment methods offered on 10Cric are as follows: Visa card, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz or Paysafe. This allows a wider range of Indian players to be able to have their money accepted by the platform. The sports betting operator has no record of scamming incidents or anything of the like. Most reviews provided online by past and current customers are positive. You may check with their customer service if you have any concerns.

It’s exclusive for Indian citizens, which is always a plus that guarantees dedication in that regard. The downside of this platform is that it doesn’t offer live streaming. Their platform’s design could improve, but it’s still quite easy to navigate. You may check the website before making a final decision of dealing with this bookmaker.

Welcome Bonus 200% up to ₹20,000


Online sports betting in India has improved over the past years, with many providers tending to customers in the country. Dafabet is considered a known name among Indian customers for their loyalty and the trust they’ve established. They provide great offers to newcomers, with around 150% bonus and up to ₹10,000. 

The great thing about this sports betting company is that it doesn’t restrict itself to a certain type of sports. If you enjoy online cricket betting and would like to go for something else, Dafabet has got your back. It offers a wide range of sports gambling that would attract most customers. The company has tended to the needs of Indian people for a long time. They have established a wide net of clientele across the country. Their website could be deemed fairly easy to place selections, with more or less a slick design that appeals to people.

When it comes to using money on the platform, this one has a plus for Indian citizens. It accepts instant online bank transfer, which makes it easier for Indians to place their selections immediately. It’s one of the reasons why locals may choose to opt for this provider. They also provide other payment methods, like Visa cards, Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz.

170% Welcome Bonus up to ₹17,000

How To Start Betting On Sports

It’s fairly easy to start your sports betting adventures in India. As we mentioned throughout this article, lots of platforms have made it feasible for locals to use their money online. As lots of players tend to enjoy online cricket betting, the game has paved the way for other sports to be integrated.

To start betting immediately, you’d have to be 18 years old in order to comply with the terms of most platforms. If you’re older than this limit, you’re good to go. All you have to do is get your money in check and deposit it. Of course, you’d have to have a valid payment method that works with your chosen platform. Make sure to check with the website you chose, or go through the ones we mentioned earlier.

Once your account is set-up, you can then choose the kind of sport you’re interested in. It’s always better to go with a sport that you have passion for. Most gamblers have found it way more fun to watch streamed sports they like while betting on the game.

When you’re determined to go with a certain sport, just pick a future event and the type of wager you’d like to make. We’ve discussed the different types in accordance with each game. There’s also the option to place wagers while the game is currently played. And that’s it! Just sit back and watch whether the betting odds are going to play out in your favor.

Choose A Bookmaker

Online sports betting in India is legal, and no incidents have been reported in the past by the government. There are multiple providers that tend to those interested in online betting in India. To choose a provider, you have to think about your money. Betting sites can differ in the type of payment methods they provide. It’s always wise to choose one with the easiest method you can rely on.

You may also check online reviews before deciding on your pick. Customers usually leave feedback when they deal with a certain provider. So, just to be safe, make sure to read enough reviews. This would allow you to get a feel of how the company deals with its clients.

Also, make sure that the platform is available for the Indian audience. We’ve mentioned several providers that tend to the Indian market. You may go through those and check the most suitable one for you. Bonuses can also be a factor in making a final decision.

Set Up A Sports Betting Account

Setting up your sports betting account is usually an easy thing to do. The platform would require your email, name and payment information. Most gambling platforms are not that invasive when it comes to the information they ask for. Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to verify your account. This can be done either through a phone number to receive a text message or an email. When you get an email from the platform, just click on the link they sent you. This will instantly verify the ownership of the email you used.

Aside from that, you’d have to deposit your funds into the account in order to play. This is usually a smooth process, as long as you have the payment method covered. If you run into any concerns, you can easily contact the customer service of the website you’re dealing with.

Place A Bet

Placing a bet is not a difficult activity. It’s usually just a click of a button, and you’re already making selections in a matter of seconds. Usually, platforms demonstrate the process for you before you make your final selections.


When gambling online among the most popular websites out there, Indian players may come across some questions in regards to sports betting. While the process can be quite easy to follow, certain concerns may arise. We’ve compiled a list in this guide with the most common questions and their answers.

❓ Do All Sports Betting Sites Accept Players From India?

Not all sports betting websites accept players from India. Most international platforms do. However, other sites are only restricted to certain areas and countries. Make sure to check the website before making your decision. There are options out there to bet online in India, and we’ve mentioned some above.

? Can I Bet With Rupees?

Definitely! Players from India may use Indian rupees for sports betting. Most of the platforms that allow online gambling in India make it feasible for locals to deposit money in their currency. Once you access the website from India, it would show the Indian rupee as the used currency.

? Do Bookmakers In India Offer Asian Handicap Betting?

Online sports betting in India is tended to just like other countries. Indian players may choose such odds on given platforms. The bookmaker needs to have handicap betting on their list. You may check each site for the type of wagers they provide to their clientele.

? Can I Place An In-play Bet From My Mobile?

Most sports betting providers offer their services on the go. Your chosen platform might even have a dedicated app for this. Make sure to check the website if it’s promoting its own app. In other cases, providers would still have their platform available on smartphone browsers.

? Is Live Streaming Possible To My Phone?

Most streaming bookmaker websites work just fine on smartphone devices. Once you’ve chosen a certain sports betting operator, you may access it just like any other website you visit through your mobile device. Some providers, like Unibet, offer a dedicated app for their customers. Make sure to go on the official website and download the app, streaming would work a lot smoother on your device.

We hope this article about sports betting in India has made it easier for you to start enjoying your favorite hobby. Always remember to play responsibly, and may the betting odds reward you in the future.